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Being focused on providing our customers with prompt and perfect service on everyday necessities and to support the most insidious visions, we are at your disposal for any details about our products and how to use, providing you with operative and dynamic phone support.

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With a portfolio of more than 28,000 products available for immediate delivery, we have strengthened our position on the profile market by constantly diversifying products, the continuous expansion of the product range is an aspect that individualises us and translates us into the position of a dedicated provider for a number of collaborators, and at the same time we are a certified partner for a multitude of institutions across the country.

An extraordinary team

We are a young and dynamic team, closely linked to the concept of monitoring and developing the most convenient customer opportunities. With diverse, classical or insider visions, we are always keen on designing targeted offers on existing customers' needs and expanding our portfolio with unprecedented proposals to be the perfect answer for the needs of any possible collaborators.

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We have over 2,000 square meters of storage space at our headquarters in Alba Iulia, which stores the products in a well-structured form to serve the most quickly any order, while ensuring a prompt distribution at national level.

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It's not enough to have brilliant ideas, you have to materialize them! Sure you can identify the products you need for that! Add to cart, send your order, and then focus on hobbies while we process and dispatch your order already thinking about a brilliant and advantageous future offer for you!
Prepare your order and deliver it in optimal parameters and in a short time it is just the first step in which we pay attention to details and promptness in honoring the deadlines we assume. We perform thorough data and product reviews to give you a trust-based experience!
Packaging the order is not a mechanical operation, it involves a special process, designed with care and dedication, to prepare the products for the adventure of their lives, reaching somewhere far, safely. We therefore deliver, besides products, trust and security, elements of a lasting partnership.
Short and frequent checks can be the key to great success! Before sending the ordered products to you, we ensure that we strictly follow the data placed in the order, that we have chosen the products for your needs and that we have already outlined details that will help us intuitively and surprise you in the shortest time with personalized offers.
Delivering the fastest and safest route to the customer is the challenge to commit yourself to being prompt in the context of an updated daily partnership with the courier. We place the order in the custody of the courier company, ensuring that during the minimum guaranteed period, it will surprise you with delivery, so that the time elapsed from the placement of your order may seem only for a moment!
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